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Iron-On Rhinestone Transfer Bride

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How to Iron-on a Rhinestone Transfer. DIY project ideal for T-shirts for any occasion like: weddings, bachelorette parties, family reunions or your girls trip 😉

Approximately 8.5″ x 5″ (inches)

100% Machine cut Premium quality Crystal Rhinestone and Rhine-stud

Flat Back Hot Fix style

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1. Materials: Parchment paper, cutting board(optional), iron, T-shirt, design

2. Turn steam off

3. Set iron to the hottest setting

4. Place the board so the glue will not seep onto the back side

5. Peel the white paper backing off the plastic transfer

6. Leave 2” gap between neck & design (recommended)

7. Center the application carefully

8. Apply a little bit of pressure

9. Protect fabric with parchment paper

10. Place iron over the design area and apply steady pressure for 15 seconds

11. Iron the back of the shirt for 15 seconds for stability 12. Slowly peel off the plastic sheet 13. Ready to use! Wash it inside out on gentle cycle. Air dry.